Be the Kind of Person You’d Like to Meet this World Kindness Day

Be the Kind of Person You’d Like to Meet this World Kindness Day


Wednesday 13 November: a day to remember the art of giving and receiving – it’s World Kindness Day!

Because without acts of kindness, where would we be? Showing kindness to others is completely free, and it sure does feel good to make others happy.


“Kindness and kind acts are what make the difference between a ‘me society’ and a ‘we community’.”David Jamilly


Kindness is the key to building and maintaining relationships that last a lifetime. Caring for others also helps with character development, transforming you into an individual that knows how to make people feel important – and they’ll admire you for it.

The Little Book of Kindness by Bernadette Russell offers inspiring advice on how to be nice to yourself, those around you and even complete strangers! In a world that can be tough on us at times, this book serves as a beacon of benevolent humanity. Follow Bernadette’s guidance and learn how to live a happier life, whilst helping others to lead one too!

Another uplifting read is Wonder by R.J. Palacio. This novel tells a heart-warming tale of friendship and addresses the positive effects of treating others with love, affection and respect… but I won’t spoil the story for you!


Kindness Books


So, what could you do to spread some kindness this autumn? Pick one act of kindness from the list below and show others what kind of person they should aspire to be; then watch them follow in your footsteps.


Volunteer for a good cause

Volunteering is one of the best ways to give back to society. Lend a helping hand in a community project or provide support to those in need. Why not read with a child or volunteer at a library? Volunteering is easy – simply find your local volunteer centre, check their website to see what volunteering opportunities they have on offer, choose something to get involved in and make a difference to the world around you.

Volunteering is also a pretty impressive activity to add to your CV – it proves to employers that you’re driven, hardworking and kind-hearted!


Fundraise for a charity

Raising money for a charity of your choice will give you the opportunity to help a cause close to your heart. You could organise a fundraising event, such as a cake sale, or take part in a sponsored run: face up to the challenge and focus on getting fit!


Pick up litter in a park (and recycle it if possible!)

Nobody likes the sight of litter scattered across green spaces. Head down to your local park, get litter picking and leave it looking clean! Don’t forget to recycle paper, cardboard and plastics where possible too, so that they can be turned into something brand new instead of being carted off to a landfill site!


Donate unwanted books (and other items) to a charity

Got unwanted bits and bobs cluttering your room? Have a clear out and take the clothes that you don’t wear, books that you don’t read and items that you don’t use to a charity shop or shelter where they will land in the hands of someone who can appreciate them properly.

Alternatively, donating food to a foodbank is another amazing move that can have a huge impact on someone else’s life – it really is the little things that matter.


For ideas and resources to incorporate kindness into your school curriculum, visit Kindness UK.


By Eleanor Blake

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