Why Volunteer with Book Clubs in Schools?

Why Volunteer with Book Clubs in Schools?

My name is Tabby and I’ve recently started volunteering with Book Clubs in Schools using
my background in PR and social media to help with future social media campaigns.
After being furloughed at the start of April, there was only so much exercising, baking and
reading I could do, so I decided to sign up to Furlonteer.com, an initiative aiming to connect
people on furlough with remote volunteer opportunities for charities and good causes. This
seemed like the perfect opportunity to help a charity and do something positive, whilst also
keeping my brain active and occupied.

I was thrilled to be matched with Book Clubs in Schools, as I’ve been a bookworm from a
young age so admire the charity’s ethos of helping young people develop a lifelong love of
reading, as well as important social and communication skills.

Book Clubs in Schools’ mission is to give young people, particularly those who are at a socio-
economic disadvantage, the character skills they need in the future. The charity not only
benefits the pupils, but also the schools and wider community. Now more than ever it’s so
important to support our vulnerable communities and I’m looking forward to helping in any
way I can.

During this time, Book Clubs in Schools thought it was vital to continue to provide their
services to support pupils who have been worst affected by the lockdown, as the charity
mostly works with schools that have high percentages of pupils eligible for free school
meals. The charity is currently running online book clubs through Zoom, as well as an
Instagram book club where followers can answer discussion questions, while a new digital
platform will be launched to support schools starting in September. I’m enjoying the
challenge of approaching new ways of thinking during this time and supporting Book Clubs
in Schools on this.

I’d encourage anyone to volunteer with a charity they align with if they can, as it’s a fantastic
opportunity to help a good cause whilst further developing specific skills and interests.


A big thank you to Tabby Ives for volunteering with us in and for writing this blog. 


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