What to Read Now

What to Read Now


Running on Empty S.E. Durrant

Running on Empty by S.E. Durrant

(suggested for 9+)

Grandad was the key to keeping AJ’s family together but his loss leaves AJ vulnerable and needing to draw on his inner strength and drive. A glimpse into the life of a young carer and his perseverance and desire to just run!


Toms Midnight Garden Philippa Pearce

Toms Midnight Garden by Philippa Pearce

(suggested for 9+)

Going to stay with his Aunt and Uncle, Tom fears boredom; this book’s adventures leave the reader in suspense unsure about reality as Tom time slips backwards and forwards exploring relationships and friendships.


Anita and Me Meera Syal

Anita and Me by Meera Syal

(suggested for 13+)

Meera Syal paints a picture of a young girl living in two cultures. It is a unique insight into a life of change. It explores the attraction of another lifestyle and Meena’s relationship with Anita. Full of 1970s comedy and history.



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