What To Read Now

What To Read Now


There are millions of books out there, so if you’re not entirely sure where to start here are a few lovely reviews.

You Are Awesome Matthew Syed

(suggested for ages 9-12)

Think of this book like eating sprouts – it’s good for you! The author is a two times olympian and he both inspires and encourages the reader to improve using “growth mindset”. It’s a dynamic read and we guarantee it will give you a positive start to 2019 (without actually having to eat any sprouts).


On The Come Up Angie Thomas

(suggested for ages 13+)

A new Hip-Hop star is born in this coming of age book. Faced with daunting events Bri must save her family, but with everyone trying to tear her down is it even possible?


The Astonishing Colour of After Emily X. R. Pan

(suggested for ages 16+)

This transnational book uses magic and imagination to look at grief. While it focuses on some serious subjects, it’s possibly the most thought provoking and well written books we have ever picked up and well worth a read.


By Sarah Coffey

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