Step 4

  • You will need to allocate the time and location within the school for the book clubs to take place.
    1. Location Ideas  – the Book Clubs are often held in the school library, the school hall, large classrooms, the computer room, or the cafeteria, if clubs are not held at lunchtime.  Clubs are comprised of 10 pupils – eight Book Clubbers and two Book Club Leaders.  The space needs to be large enough to hold several clubs at a time.  You may wish to run the clubs two days per week to make sure the whole of Year 7 can have a chance to participate in Book Club during the school year. 
    2. Time of the Book Clubs – Popular times to hold the Book Club include: lunchtime, Form time or library skills time.  We recommend that schools do not schedule the Book Clubs as an after school activity because many pupils have home responsibilities afterschool such as caring for younger siblings or older relatives.