Step 3

  • To assist you in managing the programme, you should recruit two very responsible Sixth Form pupils to be Team Leaders – they will manage the day-to-day running of  the programme and work closely with the Book Club Leaders. There is a separate document which describes their role, but in a nutshell :
    1. Team Leaders will make certain that the Book Clubbers attend the clubs each week and come on time.
    2. They will ensure Book Club Leaders have everything they need to run the clubs, e.g., the BCiS Questions and Activities, the BCiS Training Manual, access to the online self-evaluation surveys before and after the book clubs, pens and paper for the Book Clubbers for art activities and biscuits for their clubbers – if provided by the school. Many schools provide biscuits or more healthy snacks for the Book Club participants each week.
    3. Team Leaders should have access to the subscription-only part of the BCiS Website so they can download material for the Book Club Leaders, e.g. if a Book Club Leader loses their BCiS Questions and Activities.
    4. During the book club sessions, they will circulate amongst the book clubs to ensure they are going well.
    5. Team Leaders will support Book Club Leaders with any challenges and will hold regular debriefs with the Book Club Leaders after book club sessions to evaluate what is going well and any issues.
    6. They will communicate with the School Coordinator on a regular basis to keep them generally informed and to let them know of any challenges.
    7. This role will serve as a Sixth Form enrichment activity.