Book Club

Adopt a book club, we are adorable…

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You love reading, we love reading, so fellow book clubbers we need your help.

Book Clubs in Schools is a not-for-profit organisation offering a unique cross-age peer mentoring programme.  We work in secondary schools in disadvantaged areas inspiring a lifelong love of reading, narrowing the social gap,

Beyond A Bookstore: Spotlight on Chapters Indigo

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We’re in three different time zones this summer holiday: Ali in GMT, Beth in MDT and Jennifer in EST. We’ve explored #ourLDNsummer, the Bozeman #SweetpeaFestival and #Canada150. While we enjoy the excitement we always make time to unwind with a good book.


Part of the fun in travelling is buying books around the world. From the

How Emily Bronte Changed My Life – By Tom Palmer

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We really love Tom Palmers books.  He writes relevant stories that engage and inspire children to read for pleasure.  He recently blogged about how Emily Bronte affected him during a pivotal moment in his life that he’s kindly allowed us to share with you.

You can read the blog here.