In-person event for schools with Sita Brahmachari

Sita Brahmachari at a schools event

In-person event for schools with Sita Brahmachari

Kings College School in Wimbledon hosted our first in-person event post-Covid for Merton Abbey Primary School and Southmead Primary School. Around 100 children from years 4 and 6 came along and were thrilled to hear Sita share how she became an author. 

Through a mix of storytelling, acting out scenes with some willing helpers and even ‘becoming’ her dad by wearing his hat, she explained how she had always been a writer. From an early age, she had always written diaries and journals on visits to Calcutta, where her father came from but had never thought her stories could be shared. Her first book Artichoke Hearts was inspired by her mother-in-law Rosie, and Sita passed around treasures during the event, including the artist’s palette that her mother-in-law used, a locket and a paper worry doll. The children were very careful to hold these precious artefacts, and you can tell that they helped bring the stories to life.

Thanks to the generosity of Kings College School and Give a Book all the children received a copy of her book. Sita made time to sign and illustrate each one and have a chat with all the children. It was a brilliant afternoon, and we are sure that many of the children will be inspired to tell their own stories.

You can contact Sita and read more about her work on her website.

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