Review – Run, Rebel

Run, Rebel by Manjeet Mann

Review – Run, Rebel

Run, Rebel by Manjeet Mann, reviewed by Graine Milner

Amber runs.

Her life isn’t easy – her father, tightly controlling, a drinker and abusive, doesn’t want Amber to do anything that might in any way bring shame to the family; her mother, illiterate, works hard and hides cash. Amber’s older sister Ruby, bright and ambitious, has her own conflicts – having married appropriately, she feels she’s sacrificed a lot of what-might-have-beens for family expectations.

So Amber runs – it’s the only time she feels free, and she’s good at it, the school having high expectations of her as a runner. But with money being tight and without the support of her family, it seems like there’s no way forward for Amber. The pressure builds on all characters until, inevitably, something has to give. 

This amazing verse novel jangled my nerves so much that I couldn’t read this at bed time. Amber is a totally believable character, as are all the others, and it’s impossible to read this without completely giving your heart to it. The ending is filled with optimism, not just for Amber, but for her mother and sister too, and I love that there are good endings for the women in this story – but it’s a difficult journey.

Beautifully written, perfect for fans of Elizabeth Acevedo.

A huge thank you to Graine Milner, librarian at Copthall School, for this wonderful review.

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