Review – Love Frankie

Love Frankie by Jacqueline Wilson

Review – Love Frankie

Love Frankie by Jacqueline Wilson, reviewed by Katy Donnelly

Frankie is having a hard time. At home, her parents have split up and she quarrels with her older sister. Her mother has recently been diagnosed with MS and is struggling to cope with her job as a teacher and keeping things normal at home. At school, Frankie is lonely and is being bullied, and seeks out the library as the one place where she is comfortable. Then Sammy, her long time friend and neighbour, kisses her and she is left very confused about how she feels. In a surprising twist, one of her school bullies decides to befriend her and as her feelings for this newfound friend develop, her confusion grows further.  

Aimed more at the tween and teen reader than YA, this is a coming of age story that explores first love and coming out. At the same time, Frankie’s home circumstances mean that she is having to grow up fast and adapt to the new dynamics in her family. Many of these themes will resonate with young readers and it will be loved by Jaqueline Wilson’s legion of fans who have grown up with her books.

Katy Donnelly is one of our school managers. Katy also has a MA in children’s literature and is a fabulous book blogger at BookTalk.

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