Review – Crown of Crowns

Crown of Crowns book review

Review – Crown of Crowns

Crown of Crowns by Clara Loveman, reviewed by Tami Wylie

“In a kingdom where the ruling and lower classes live and die apart by law, a noblewoman and a commoner make a fatal mistake: they fall in love.”

Crown of Crowns, the debut novel by Clara Loveman, is a departure from my usual type of reading of middle grade and books for younger children. This is the first YA book that I’ve featured on my blog – and what a book it is!

This book has something for everyone: romance, mystery, intrigue and so much more when Kaelyn, a young noblewoman, meets Roki, a low commoner, her whole world turns upside down. In their world, the classes are forbidden to mix, but there is just something about Roki that keeps drawing Kaelyn to him. She is willing to defy the law to be with him. However, when tragedy strikes they are separated and don’t see each other again for several years.

As time passes, Kayleigh discovers that her future lies in becoming queen of the kingdom, and she marries Zawne, the Prince who is destined to be her king. As their fate is sealed by the Crown of Crowns, the ethereal being who chooses the rulers, they begin a stressful and dangerous rule. When a pandemic strikes the people of the kingdom, Kaelyn begins to suspect that there is something more sinister at work. She discovers a conspiracy and encounters Roki, her last love, again in her journey to get to the truth.

To save her people and prevent a disaster, Kaelyn realises that her true destiny lies in the ultimate sacrifice. But is she strong enough to do what she knows she must do to save everyone? What will the consequences be? Will her sacrifices be the resolution that is needed? This enthralling story set in a dystopian society will leave you breathless and hooked from the moment you begin reading. There are many parallels with today’s world, and you feel yourself drawn into the story. This is a glorious debut for Clara Loveman and I’m looking forward to more exciting novels from Clara.

A huge thank you to Tami Wylie – teacher, school librarian, book lover and blogger – for sharing her review with us. You can follow Tami on Instagram @bookaddict.twylie68 and Twitter @twylie68

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