Project Description

The second shortest 14 year old in his class, Lemar – Liccle Bit to his friends – feels he may never get a chance with Venetia, the hottest girl in school. At home life is crazy too with a mother too busy to pay him any attention, a sister with a foul temper and a baby by the local gang leader, a dad who left when he was seven. He does have his two best friends, his grandmother’s cooking and his talent for drawing. Just when Venetia asks him to draw her portrait, he is pulled deeper into the gang scene with the pressure mounting and the local inter-gang war escalating. He needs to get out of this mess and save his family from. With all of Alex’s brilliance for dialogue, LICCLE BIT is a story of redemption, of love, of family, of trying to hold your head up, of one boy’s journey.