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Picture Book Club provides all the materials you need to run a peer led book club in a primary school. It involves Y5s leading small book clubs for Y1s. Schools are provided with a box of 15 picture books, carefully selected to give a diverse range of authors and styles. There is a simple training session planned for teachers to deliver to the older children selected to lead the book clubs. Once the Y5s have familiarised themselves with the books and feel confident about reading them aloud, they are then partnered with a small group of Y1s and will read them a book and lead a short group discussion about the story and the pictures.


Please choose from the boxes below.  Each box costs £125 (including postage to the UK mainland). This includes the 15 books, a storage box, 32 activity booklets, 32 tips for book club leaders, a how to guide, a training plan, 60 book marks and 140 stickers. Restocks of the materials only are available at £35 to cover the cost of printing and postage. Please indicate on the form below if you only want a restock of materials.

The Y1 children receive a short booklet with a page for each book they read, including a space for a very short (3 word) review of the book, a star rating, a fun activity to do after reading the book. This booklet can be taken home to complete activities started in school and used to encourage parents to visit the library and to re-read the books with their child. The Y5s have a simple prompts card, reminding them how to prepare for reading the book and with examples of the type of questions they might ask to get discussion going. We also supply reward bookmarks, stickers and badges.


The aim of the book clubs is to achieve the following outcomes:


• Increased confidence of Y5s as readers

• Opportunity for Y5s to model reading

• Reinforce a reading for pleasure culture throughout the school

• Inspire the younger pupils to be readers

• Opportunity for Y1 pupils to be read to more regularly and experience a wider range of stories (particularly for those who might not be read to at home)

• A space for Y1 and Y5 pupils to talk about picture books on a one to one or small group basis and develop their ‘book talk’

The cost is for the programme is £125 (UK mainland  postage only) for each box and all the supporting materials (subsequent restocks of materials available at £35 to cover cost of printing and postage).

Please see the above graphics for details on the two different options and the contents included in each