When did you last see kids talking about a book? When did you last see kids talking about a book? Where characters build character

Book Clubs in Schools’ (BCiS) mission is to instil a life-long love of reading and develop social and communications skills for young people.

BCiS delivers face-to-face, cross-age peer mentoring book clubs in secondary and primary schools, focusing on the most disadvantaged. Reading for pleasure, social and communication skills and a volunteering experience for the older pupils.

In the book clubs, young people:

  • read a book for fun
  • discuss topics that relate to them
  • mix with others from different backgrounds, abilities and age groups
  • communicate face-to-face
  • learn to respect different opinions
  • think creatively

Watch a book club in action

The year 10s are developing resilience and perseverance.

They have coped well with the responsibility of being prepared for book club and setting a good example to the younger students.

Amy Smith, Librarian

The habits of informed criticism and respectful debate are practised during book club, these are cross curricular life skills. I have observed the accelerated progress in the work of the pupils who participated in English.

Dom Jones, English teacher

The format gets children to reflect on a text, to consider the views of other group members and to develop more objective and analytical thinking in a fun and engaging way.

Michael Bradley, Headteacher
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