Our Library – guest blog by Julia Martin

Our Library – guest blog by Julia Martin

Our Library.

I know that every Librarian thinks that their library is the best place in the world but ours really is! We have some great staff and students who love and respect their space in the library. Every book that we have calls out your name willing you to pick it up and lose yourself within it. The walls of our library could itself tell a story of the past and present students who have at some point needed to be here for reading, borrowing, GCSE revision, group reads, quiet time and especially staff who love to bring their students here. When I greet the students on their way in, they’re always smiling and ready for a new reading adventure and leave feeling satisfied and still smiling. With just over 14,000 resources there is always a good fiction or non-fiction book to mesmerise and engage our students!

Whichever kind of library you have, big or small, make it fun and inviting and you will reap the rewards of happy children!


Julia Martin, Librarian, City of London Academy


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