Book Shopping Spree in Nomad Books

Book Shopping Spree in Nomad Books


We received a Bookshop-Spree grant from The Siobhan Dowd Trust which gave our Book Club Leaders a fantastic opportunity to choose a book for themselves and one for their school library during a trip to their local bookshop.  This grant allowed Book Clubs in Schools to say thank you to our leaders for being such enthusiastic volunteers.

Book Club Leaders from Fulham Cross Girls School visited Nomad Books, purchasing books for themselves and their school library. They received a tour, asked lots of questions and were spoilt for choice with a broad selection of new genres of books.

Nomad Books said:

“We had a great time with the girls from Fulham Cross! Please find our review below…

Firstly, we would like to thank  Siobhan Dowd for setting up the charity, before her death in 2007, and making such a truly lovely event a possibility.
Fulham Cross School is local to Nomad Books so we already have a working relationship with the librarian, Caroline Ancell, but it proved quite a different experience to have twenty-two vibrant year 8 girls file into the shop!
The girls’ excitement and enthusiasm filled the space immediately as they swept through Nomad looking for a book for themselves and one for the school library. We were all so very impressed with the scope and variety of the choices made, ranging from young adult fiction to historical non-fiction and feminist current affairs.
Book Clubs, and their leaders, are such an important method of introduction to a wide collection of stories, interactions, information, ideas and friendships. Life is more than a little sad without books and the input they have on all of our lives, and we are glad that charities such as this exist to give young people every opportunity to begin their (hopefully) life-long love affair with stories.
I think everyone at Nomad Books hopes that the individual introduction to the book shop, instigated by Siobhan Dowd’s extraordinary legacy, will encourage the pupils from Fulham Cross to visit under their own steam, to forge a relationship with Nomad, and other bookshops, in the future.
Thank you for including us in this enriching experience, and happy reading!”

As part of our mission, Book Clubs in Schools strives to organise trips and events for the book clubs such as Bookshop-Sprees and author visits to make books come to life and encourage reading for pleasure.  However, we can only do this if we have funding to pay for these outings and events.

Thank you to the Siobhan Dowd Trust for making this happen and we look forward to our other Book Club schools also taking part.

Fulham Cross Girls School Nomad Books Fulham Cross Girls School Nomad Books

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