Book Clubs in Schools in lockdown

Book Clubs in Schools in lockdown

Book Clubs in Schools’ digital delivery mechanism makes it very easy for teachers or older pupils to run book clubs. The format translates straightforwardly from in-person to online and can be used as a fun activity to encourage reading for pleasure during lockdown.

Book Clubs in Schools offers a complete package with a step-by-step approach to run the book clubs. This makes it simple for staff to set up and run the book clubs. All of the following materials can be downloaded from the subscription area of the BCiS website: BCiS Project Plan, Training Manual, Questions and Activities, curated book list, self-evaluation surveys, template letters for parents and participants and certificates for all participants. BCiS also provides individualised Impact Reports based on the findings from the self-evaluation, a School Accreditation Certificate, badges and opportunities for author visits and trips. Moreover, we provide expert training and ongoing support and advice via the BCiS school manager. 

We have an online safeguarding plan which enables older students to continue to lead the clubs in small groups, with one teacher online to manage the meeting.

Book club leaders are trained online by BCiS to understand their book clubbers’ challenges, create ways to engage them through fun activities related to the book, and ensure that all book clubbers are included and respected. This makes book club a safe place to read aloud and discuss words or concepts they don’t understand without fear of being laughed at. 

Book club leaders can use their experience to fulfil the Duke of Edinburgh Award’s volunteering criteria, include it in personal statements on UCAS forms, and list it on CVs. Working with the older leaders can also help Years 6 or 7 with the transition from primary to secondary school.

The book club leaders develop leadership skills and are challenged to be patient, charismatic and empathetic. The book clubs build bonds and friendships between children of all ages. 

In fact, we are one of the very few extra-curricular programmes that can still be delivered during lockdown.

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