BCiS in Action

We provide everything that you need to run fun, engaging and successful book clubs, working closely with you to track the impact on your pupils.

There are genuine social benefits created by sitting together in a book club; pupils acquire life skills and make new friends. This has positive effects on the pupils’ lives, the schools and the wider community.

What do you get out of a book club?

For the Book Club Leaders
Fulfils volunteering requirements for Duke of Edinburgh Award
Experience for C.V or UCAS application
Facilitation and leadership skills
Greater respect for younger pupils
Responsibility and volunteering
Organisational skills
Perseverance and Resilience
For the Book Clubbers
Encourages reading for pleasure
Improvement in character, communication and social skills
Increased confidence
Widens horizons
Sense of belonging to the school
For the School
Peer to peer mentoring programme
Social inclusion within the student community
Increased participation in class
Improved communication and analytical skills
Older and younger pupils work together
School becomes a reading school

What schools say about BCiS