Book Clubs: They Offer Something to All of Us

Book Clubs: They Offer Something to All of Us


Hello readers, frequent or infrequent! Are you looking for a haven for civilized discussions?  Are you searching for the remedy to let off your political steam by meeting new peers, each doubtlessly with their own different opinions? Be you an introvert or a gregarious person; have no fear, the book club is here!

Everyone is different, some more so than others; yet we all have the equal right to the freedom of expressing our views. As we all know however conflicting opinions can often escalate to heated discussions, often over something trivial. The book club provides a homely environment where a welcoming congregation creates discussions on something everyone can participate in, often the book everyone would read in their own time. This would be a great way to hone your communication skills as you would try to express your view on the book without provoking other parties by shouting them down; as there is more than one head in the room, everyone contributes their own thoughts so it would also allow you to see fresh perspectives from others. Common ground is found in the form of compromises or acceptance of the other’s argument where conflicting views are challenged and developed; all while maintaining the measured respect of a conversation due to the social environment, which allows disagreements without hard feelings, which I think is fun and character-building.

From my experience, I found attending Beth’s book club to be enlightening as I was able to listen to well-presented arguments and contribute to the discussion myself; I am quite shy, but I found the club had allowed me to share my ideas and thus bring me out of my normal comfort zone in an unnoticeable transition. I highly recommend joining Book Clubs in Schools!

-Xii Don Lim, Book Clubs in Schools pupil


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