Book Club Builds Skills!

Book Club Builds Skills!


Book Clubs in Schools is an excellent programme that gives young adults the opportunity to help educate children of a younger age and develop their reading and communication skills.

As sixth formers we have engaged in the role of a book club leader for almost two full school terms as the programme helps not only the student but also us in the development of a wide range of skills that can be applied to multiple settings. This term the scheme have given us the book Wonder, which has recently been made into a highly viewed and recommended movie. The book is loved by every pupil as they are able to relate as the book focuses on a young boy who is initially viewed as different from everyone else but is finally accepted by other children his age.

Personally we believe that the scheme not only develops their reading and communication with others but also aids them in seeing beyond the surface and to “not judge a book by its cover”.

-Morgan Hunter Reid and Ellen George Miles, Book Clubs in Schools Leaders


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