Book Clubs are Bringing Back the Art of Conversation

Book Clubs are Bringing Back the Art of Conversation


A family – a community – book clubs engage different groups of friends, who have a shared passion for reading, to come together and talk about the book they have been reading. I love the fact that everyone values each other’s opinions without judgement because there will always be someone who shares the same view as you.

Nowadays, teenagers are always on phones giving their opinions on photos, videos and celebrity gossip. However, in Book Club it is face-to-face which shows the ‘lost’ art of conversation is making its way back and people can express their thoughts on books with actual spoken words; not emojis. We read a lot of books for school but in Book Club we can read a book we all want to read and will happily do so in our spare time.

I joined Book Club because I found it fun to read different books I would not have thought of reading before. Book Club gives me a chance to hear everyone’s views as some books are very much relevant to today’s events and need to be discussed, such as Philip Roth’s ‘The Plot Against America’, which brought up huge discussion about Trump.

It is really exciting to hear each person’s point of view, although it can at times lead to a heated debate. This warm energy in the room and the selection of Krispy Kreme doughnuts really defines the Book Club atmosphere along with the great people you make friends with.

–Maia, Book Clubs in Schools pupil


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