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Blog Tour Review – Jane Austen Investigates

Jane Austen Investigates is a new series of books by award-winning author Julia Golding. The book arrived in a beautiful parcel with a letter, tea and chocolate – a perfect package.

The Abbey Mystery is part glorious historical fiction and part gothic mystery. Add a young Jane Austen with her amusing take on the world of adults, and it’s a splendid combination. 

It is a delight to join Jane as – standing in for her sister – she is given the unlikely role of being a companion to Lady Cromwell. This means residing at Southmoor Abbey for a week before a big family celebration, the eldest son’s coming-of-age party. Jane is thrilled to be there and, like the heroine of Northanger Abbey, she is keen to uncover a gothic mystery. 

Jane likes to write in her journal, musing about life and the state of her muslin dresses. She often worries that she will be in trouble for being too curious – and she is proved right. Her letters home to Cassandra help to tell the story. 

The story of the ghostly monk who walks the Abbey ruins captivates Jane. But she doesn’t believe in ghosts and is keen to work out who or what is behind the tale. She also overhears a secret about the fortunes of the Cromwell family and is keen to find out more. But when two of Sir Charles’s horses go missing, and one of the members of the household is accused of theft, her investigation becomes deadly serious.

Jane teams up with two servants, Deepti and Luke, to find out what really happened. This leads to a series of exciting night-time adventures. But will they discover the truth in time… 

Look out for the next instalment, The Burglar Ball, coming soon.

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