Beyond A Bookstore: Spotlight on Chapters Indigo

Beyond A Bookstore: Spotlight on Chapters Indigo

We’re in three different time zones this summer holiday: Ali in GMT, Beth in MDT and Jennifer in EST. We’ve explored #ourLDNsummer, the Bozeman #SweetpeaFestival and #Canada150. While we enjoy the excitement we always make time to unwind with a good book.


Part of the fun in travelling is buying books around the world. From the kiosks in Europe to mass merchandisers in the U.S., the packaging, pricing and promotional strategy varies greatly.


Globally book sales in traditional bricks and mortar stores have been on the decline for years, however, one bookstore that has thrived is Chapters Indigo, differentiating itself by transforming into a cultural department store for booklovers.


Scents of Starbucks coffee intermixed with vanilla and tobacco candles, warm wood tones on a backdrop of white and comfy club chairs – I could easily spend hours – or days here. Books are beautifully merchandised thematically or with the clout of Heather’s picks and both luxury lifestyle items and children’s toys take the guesswork out of gift-giving. As a time-starved mum of two children with very active social lives, Chapters Indigo has quickly become one of my favourite stores when visiting my hometown Toronto (the FREE! gift-wrapping is indispensable). And need we say more about the friendliness of Canadian culture? If you’re pressed for time or cannot find what you’re looking for Associates will go above and beyond to assist.



When in Canada a visit to a Chapters Indigo is not to be missed. My only regret is not having a bigger budget.

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