Be a Xmas Party Hero

Be a Xmas Party Hero

It’s true. The simplest ideas are often the best. And this is a straightforward but genius idea! And we think it’s really going to snowball.

Unfortunately, coronavirus has put paid to Christmas party plans. But it has left lots of companies with an unused staff party budget. Xmas Party Heroes came up with the concept of companies donating their party budget to the charity of their choice.

It’s so easy to get involved. Large companies – and small – are taking part. This is all you have to do:

  1. Choose the charity & your pledge amount (add a zero on for luck)
  2. Notify Xmas Party Heroes  of the pledge amount via their contact us page (this will be kept confidential)
  3. Pay your existing chosen charity directly. (Hint! Our donate button is below).
  4. Share the news of becoming Xmas Party Heroes on your social channels use #XmasPartyHeroes
  5. Make sure you use the hashtag #xmaspartyheroes and share the amount.

Xmas Party Heroes do not take the funds, nor direct where they are donated. They just require the pledge amount (which will be treated confidentially), so they can keep a total of the funds raised. Charities do not need to register, and there are no fees. Xmas Party Heroes simply amplify the message about giving to charities.

James Timpson, Chief Executive of Timpson who have already got involved, said: “This is a great idea for companies to help others when they can’t celebrate Xmas with their colleagues. I’m amazed it’s not been thought of before!”

If you’d like to support our charity (and we’re still very much supporting schools and young people in these toughest of times), please do donate to us using the button below.

Find out more about Xmas Party Heroes on their website

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