Adopt a Book Club, We Are Adorable

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Adopt a Book Club, We Are Adorable

You love reading, we love reading, so fellow book clubbers we need your help. 

Book Clubs in Schools is a charity offering a unique cross-age peer mentoring programme. We work in secondary schools in disadvantaged areas inspiring a lifelong love of reading, narrowing the social gap, building character, and encouraging critical thinking and creativity. We are the only programme which delivers book clubs within a school setting and trains the older students to lead the book clubs for all Year 7s. 

The benefits of the programme include the development of character skills including empathy, responsibility, creativity, respect for others, analytical thinking and a better understanding of the wider world (all which help to bridge the social gap). And most of all, the clubs instil a greater enjoyment of reading and engagement with literature. The clubs can face-to-face (in person or via video conferencing)

What the students say:

“…an excellent programme that gives young adults the opportunity to help educate children of a younger age and develop their reading and communication skills.” 

— Morgan and Ellen, Book Club Leaders 

“Nowadays, teenagers are always on phones giving their opinions on photos, videos and celebrity gossip. However, in Book Club it is face-to-face which shows the ‘lost’ art of conversation is making its way back and people can express their thoughts on books with actual spoken words; not emojis.” 

— Maia, Book Clubber 

To date, the book club has reached over 12,000 young people and we need your help.

With a £50 donation, your book club can help fund a BCiS book club. Donate via our website and sign up to receive our newsletter to stay up to date.

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