A Book That Can Change the World

A Book That Can Change the World

It’s less than a week to go for #WorldBookDay and the theme #ReadingIsPower is on-point. Their manifesto looks at how reading offers growth, choice, power and knowledge while championing diversity, and their graphics and videos are really slick! As part of the project, they asked young people to talk confidently and passionately about a book that made them feel like they could change the world. 

My recommendation is Jerry Spinelli’s Stargirl which was released when I was only 10 years old. Stargirl Caraway dresses in strange and exciting clothes and acts differently to the other more mainstream kids. When reading the book I felt drawn to her kindness as she left money for random strangers to find in the street, but Stargirl gets treated pretty badly by her classmates.

It was not something I noticed straight away, but Spinelli’s book made me see that differences are a good thing. I learnt that my differences are what make me interesting – the world is full of people telling us what to do and Stargirl taught me just to be myself.

Book Clubs In Schools would like to add to the #ReadingIsPower manifesto that reading and discussing books can help us appreciate our own and other people’s differences. We truly believe this is an idea that can change the world for the better by building character – which is why we want to keep our book clubs growing!

So get involved, think of a book that makes you feel powerful and #ShareAStory! Also get tagging us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to share your tales of inspiration.

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By Sarah Coffey

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